Our Services

Outsourcing Services.

With the growing complexity of the computing industry, organizations are examining their IT services and trying to reduce their costs by using outside resources. TOpSEssIOn provides these capabilities using domestic resources located in our Enviroment. TOpSEssIOn has the business knowledge, technical experience, resources and facilities to ensure your services are handled cost effectively. While there are many reasons for outsourcing services, the most common goals are: · Improving company focus on core business processes · Aligning or improving allocation of internal IT resources to focus on strategic projects · Reduce capital investment risks with increased access to the latest technology · Shorten business application development cycles and next generation system implementations · Better identify and control IT costs · Leverage advanced technology and skilled personnel without their associated costs Some organizations hesitate to consider IT outsourcing because of concerns about the risks involved. In today's market there is a need to use every means available to reduce costs and reduce time-to-market with new products and services. Here are some areas where TOpSEssIOn will help you minimize your risk and optimize your success: · Manages the outsourcing relationship and agreement · Carefully defines requirements and expectations leading to a more successful IT outsourcing result · Communicates with your staff about outsourcing plans to ensure a smooth transition · Helps by reacting to changes quickly when it becomes critical to core business needs · Creates standards of measurement that are key to successful IT outsourcing · As your IT partner, we will work with you to determine the best solutions to your needs. · Provides onsite IT consultants to assist in the transition.

IT Consultation & Site Assessment Services.

We innovate ideas for your IT infrastructure, if you have a problem to solve, TOpSEssIOn will be pleased to give you a straightforward assessment of what is possible and the options to achieve it with the results you want. We'll get started by understanding your business objectives, identifying the available risks then working towards interpreting these objectives into technical requirements. Next, we'll outline an overall solution that will clearly define all your business objectives. We’ll finalize the statement of work, define hardware requirements, and create a high-level solution design. Upon your approval, we’ll step to the next phase. TOpSEssIOn offers consultation and site Assessments in the following areas: Servers & Storage Platform. Backup and recovery. Security. Virtualization. IT Management Systems. Platform Migration & Upgrades.

Network Topology Design.

Analysis and Design the most accurate Network Topology and strategy for any SMB to fit their business needs in order to maximize the infrastructure output without any performance overload or Network delay. The Key in the plan phase is we listen well to the client needs and plan the network topology to fit the company goals without stress the company budget by fit the highest standard of security and allow the network to be more flexible for any future upgrades. No matter what your company is in different geographic locations or have remote offices abroad we will connect you at the lowest cost with high standards.

Web-Based Software and Software as a service(SaaS).

Develop and Integrate many web-based applications to prvide businesses with flexibility, mobility, Easy to use, cost effectiveness ratio. scalability and broad network access. By implementing application automation technologies. it's not only an online storage container but Our goal to create a multi-services integration into a private secure cloud vault that can lead the business to grow and practice a lot of different service online without the need to have tight hardware requirements and complicated technical setup. and buy limited licence. its simple to use wether online or through a mobile app.

Web Design and Development.

Develop and Publish the IT content, Help the Companies to grow and approach the new innovative technologies Through Rich online content. we do categorize and build online content sources. We develop websites that are functional, appealing and deliver an online experience your customers will love. We create eye-catching graphics and clean, easy-to-use interfaces that have high conversation rates.

Mobile Apps.

We develop native mobile apps for any platforms as well as make hybrid (cross-platform) apps. We also develop enterprise mobile versions through responsive web design techniques which leverage our unique understand of the mobile platforms to ensure your business enjoys the very best web & mobile presence.