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Backup & Recovery Solutions.

Unplanned interruptions in service and loss of data can have huge financial and customer service implications for your business. Increased exposure to disruptive and catastrophic events in recent years may have you questioning how well your business is prepared to recover from unexpected events. TOpSEssIOn can help you prepare for the unforeseen by implementing a comprehensive backup & recovery solutions that helps you plan for, respond to and recover from disruptive events. These solutions help ensure that your business continues to have high availability of data and operational functions in the face of even the most major catastrophe. We work with you to identify and integrate your critical business and IT priorities into a clear and comprehensive plan to help you maintain and resume mission-critical services. By implementing a backup & recovery solution with TOpSEssIOn , you can expect to:

• Determine the true recovery requirements of your business.

• Better visualize your total volume of data and your storage and backup needs.

• Simplify management of your environment.

• Enhance data backup and recovery.

• Improve flexibility for growth.

• Fully exploit the capabilities of your selected hardware and software.

• Complete your project on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the business.

• Have peace of mind that systems can be restored quickly following a crisis.

• Minimize data loss, speed recovery and improve availability.

• Quickly and cost-effectively recover from the unexpected Drawing upon proven best practices, extensive experience, industry-leading products and customer input, TOpSEssIOn designs an ideal solution for your specific business needs.

Cloud Storage Solution.

When it comes to storing data, Cloud Storage is quickly becoming the method of choice. Storing files remotely rather than locally boasts your business. here is at least 10 advantages your business will guarantee if using Our Cloud Storage Solution

1-Cost : Backing up your data isn’t always cheap, especially when you factor in the cost of any equipment needed to do so – think external hard drives or backup tapes. Additionally, there is the cost of the time it takes to manually complete routine backups. Our Cloud Storage Solution reduce much of the cost associated with traditional backup methods, providing ample storage space in the cloud for a low monthly fee.

2- Invisibility : For all intents and purposes, Our cloud storage is invisible; with no physical presence, it doesn’t take up valuable space in the office.

3-Security : Storing confidential or sensitive information in the cloud is often more secure than storing it locally, especially for businesses. With Our Cloud Storage Solution, data is encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, ensuring no unauthorized users can access the files.

4-Automation : The biggest issue most consumers and businesses have with backing up is follow through; it simply just doesn’t get done. Our Cloud Storage Solution make the tedious process of backing up easy to accomplish through automation. You simply select what and when you want to back up, and the service does the rest.

5-Accessibility : From tablets to smartphones, notebooks to desktops, we’re using more devices on a daily basis than ever before, and toggling files between each of these devices can be cumbersome and complex. Not so with Our Cloud Storage Solution. You can access your account from any internet connection, whether you're on a mobile browser or your work computer.

6-Syncing : Syncing ensures your data are automatically updated across all of your devices. This way, the latest version of a data you saved on your desktop is available on your smartphone.

7-Sharing : Whether you want to share a single document or an entire file server or even Remote Server within the company walls or even for a remote client, Our Cloud Storage Solution allow you to easily share files with just a few clicks.

8-Collaboration : Our Cloud Storage Solution are also ideal for collaboration purposes. They allow multiple users to work on customized SaaS or some of our built-in apps to collaborate to emphasis your business output.

9-Protection : Our Cloud Storage Solution as an added layer of data protection for your precious and irreplaceable data. Backups are kept in a secure location that is physically removed from the originals.

10-Recovery : In the event of catastrophic data loss, you’ll have backups of all your original files so you can restore them with zero downtime.